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Uniden R7 Radar Detector: The ultimate protection for your driving safety

Uniden R7 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector


With dual antennas, directional arrows, voice alerts, GPS lockouts, and customizable settings, this device will help you avoid speeding tickets and stay alert on the road.


  • Dual antennas with directional arrows that indicate where the radar signal is coming from
  • Voice alerts that announce the band and signal strength of the radar
  • GPS lockouts that filter out false alerts from common sources such as automatic door openers
  • Customizable settings that allow you to adjust the sensitivity, display brightness, volume, and more
  • OLED display that shows the speed limit, current speed, battery voltage, altitude, and clock
  • Compatible with Uniden R3/R1 accessories such as windshield mount, hardwire kit, and carrying case

Some of reviews:

  • The Uniden R7 Radar Detector has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 3,000 customers on Amazon
  • Most reviewers praise its performance, range, accuracy, and features
  • Some reviewers complain about its size, weight, price, and false alerts
  • Some reviewers suggest updating the firmware regularly and using a third-party app such as JBV1 for better functionality

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